Mitech constantly invests in vocational training: our team  put together young engineers and other seasoned professionals  and  by its nature, it is predisposed to technological advance; research and innovation are our team vocation and not only elements of a competitive strategy. Mitech invests  in training in all of our area of expertise : vocational training, events and international forum, partnership and a gained long-standing fieldwork enable Mitech an excellence center  in one of the most competitive and structured market.

Process analysis is a Mitech’s  peculiarity in every area of expertise: our slogan is “look deeply before you leap”. Mitech is able to design and realize integrated and more suitable solutions thanks to a predisposition to pay attention customer’s requirements and a deep process and technological knowledge.


By its nature, Mitech’s management believes in a continuing training and in technological innovation. Following this company value, every customer will be suggested to consider reasoned and forward-looking solutions and in more cases these decisions can anticipate and cut down costs. Though Mitech is a young company, we are used to manage important business complexities.

Mitech gains the confidence of customers and partners as technological referring partner  thanks to its ability to support its customers to the complete realization of projects – suitable to their requirements- and its gained team . In every context, Mitech has a steady point: preserve its distinguishable openness. Self-Irony is one of Mitech’s equilibrium key so hard to achieve but so necessary if, as Mitech done, to establish good relationship also in front of difficult challenges. It’s our firm belief that the value added is not only the technological innovation but primarily to integrate technological innovations with all end users necessities.