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Aew focused its attention to innovative solutions for its customers and the 2 cornerstones are:

SAP at the center

A successful User Experience that beat the competition

As Winner of Energy 2011 Competition concerning trade energy for Bolzano Province, Azienda Energetica could implement User Portal:

  • Service Management
  • Service Activation
  • Contract modification

New Services for New Customer:

Switching Require: in real time it creates SAP require and pre-compiled documents that are sent to customer for signature and acceptance.

Offer Configurator: In agreement with SAP IS-U billing pricelist. This configurator enables to obtain a real time offer based on its consumption.

Self-Service: the customer could manage its services and its request for contract modification. Between these services, you can find the self-reading of the counter and online payment of your invoice.

Paperless help desk: AEW develop a system for electronic Signature on SAP in order to delete paper.

Offer Showcase: Site visitors could surf between company and private citizen offers.

Social Network Integration: SAP Portal is constantly updated with Facebook Pages.