Portale fornitori, rivenditori, portale clienti, portale dipendenti, manutentori, portale agenti, portali marketing, cms nativamente integrato con SAP:

Do you want to keep pace?

Are you enable to choose properly?

The search of new incentives is the keyword of web and mobile scope.

Every day you can find new tools, new frameworks and new models which often have “short life”.

Our team doesn’t want to go after all this technology but wants to know and choose the best approach in order to avoid blunders so typical in this world – more oriented to new technologies to the detriment of pragmatism.

It’s difficult to predict successful choices in this changing background but Mitech shares know-how with customer and supports IT Area in the best way in order to define the correct roadmap for business.

The keywords for a successful technological project are: stability, scalability and maintainability.

Thanks to this approach we realized different projects for important Italian companies with complex infrastructures and scenarios and we achieve good results.

Why do you choose Mitech as a partner?

Because Mitech combines skilled SAP competence with innovation and deep know-how.

Which strategies are important for a IT successful project?

* Architectural Definition

* Definition of interface modes between different components in the landscape.

* Analysis and definition of the successful solution for every single necessity.