Why would you invest in accessibility and availability?

Access analysis is a fundamental tool in order to define behavior guidelines; accessibility helps to define what and why the user searching for in order to give specific indications – like contents or behavior guidelines- to marketing area. Analytics report, marketing and accessibility are a unique flow in the contents project and they supply concrete elements for your choices.

Accessibility as a tool to increase your company investments.

Mitech is the most skilled partner focused on visual and graphics details of a project, especially in SAP Area.

At SAP FORUM 2015 with our Partner, Derga Consulting srl, Mitech showed a project of SAP Portal with its unlimited and accessible process.

Innovative functions, Performed and functional User Experience and not only a graphic look of a static website.

Is this investment worthwhile? Will be useful?

It’s important to implement necessary tools!

Network Web is not only a channel for promotion but it is a contact network based on every added-value and people-oriented activities.

AEW Success Case is an example of SAP Portal implementation that puts in relationship services and functions in real-time at every level, from BtoC to BtoB.

Which is the perfect tool for Customer, Sales Force and Users?

Do your tools facilitate the communication between dealer and your company? How is your Help Desk?

All these questions are in charge of IT Dept. which is engaged to answer actually.

Do you “measure” data?

Monitoring data is the way to convert access or changes to your web site as new sales or to acquire more followers; in this sense it will be not only intuitive but measurable.

Intuition is not foolproof : it’s better to build a structure based on values. Today the majority of companies get used to manage data analysis, access monitoring, bounce rate,.. Googles Analytics, for example, helps companies in order to access to monitoring tools. But the question is: only Google data are important to control? Are we sure that our data are reliable? Are concrete these data?

Data or values?

Concrete data are added value when they indirectly answer to questions that you asked to your customer.

What are you looking for? What would you want to find?

Mitech can renew the approach to analysis tools and at the same time; it provides to  IT Dept. and Marketing with analysis and monitoring software that measures real data , like user activities or visibility of contents.

Data are useless if they don’t answer to our questions.

Analysis and Monitoring

Seo Experts are engaged in a discussion for viewbility : differently Mitech develop its technical ability to gather data and define concrete data as real values for user activities.

We create models or dashboard enables to analyze usability and web reputation data.

They are native forms on SAP PORTAL but at the same time totally independent. They are report platforms for Marketing Managers or other skilled users: in this way they report the status of company communication.

The dashboard is completely customizing: analysis process and strategy define all the elements for the dashboard. It’s possible to verify indexed pages, which devices access, compliance rate, geographic distribution of users, active users and so on.

It’s possible to monitor data in a certain period of time and it’s totally customizing.

Control and monitoring: specific data analytics.

Analysis have to monitor:

  • How many users utilize Portal?
  • What is the frequency?
  • Which pages are more interested? Or products more interested?
  • Level of usability
  • Users contents as tool to define key words

This system is highly customizable both in the information that you want to display whether it in the mode of representation.

Our goal is to provide to your company a clear tool enables to transform investments in company business.