Mobile Application for Your Business

Innovative Mobile Apps enables to manage Digital Communication. At the beginning it means a native app developed for smartphone and tablet but today includes hybrid applications, social media app, desktop apps and apps for its personal device. The increasing diffusion of smartphone and tablet improves mobile application use. These devices are important tools able to communicate with its organization or target.

Statistics confirm how apps market is increasing: it’s the segment with the most important growth rate; it doesn’t mean that every app will be a success for your business.

It’s important to select an Application sized to its requirements.

Why it’s so important to select a Mobile App?

  • to manage your daily activities : share time-table, contacts management
  • to improve your product catalogue
  • to develop a value-added services
  • to offer support to your sales force
Applicazioni Mobile iPhone, iPad, Android per il business aziendale

iOS application for your Company

Apple iOS applications born for iPhone, iPad e iPod Touch.

23% of the Global Population use iOS application on its smartphone (IDC 2012).
In this sense iOS application for iPhone and iPad become an important business tool to improve the company efficiency and the relationship with customers. Thanks to its visual impact, these applications are implemented in a large-scale.

Android App as an important Business Tool

Application world is in constant development.
Every year Android applications increase 10%.
Android is a well-known operating system and reaches an increasing market segments.
Thanks to an increasing diffusion of low-cost smartphone, Android system continues to grow.

Benefits for an Android Application

  • improvement of support sales force
  • optimization of internal organization
  • strengthening of the relationship between brand and consumer

Application World is the Web Evolution: the users prefer smartphone or tablet to manage its activities.

Android is  an Open Source system based on Kernel Linux : developers “love” this system because of its customized and tailor-made system.

Mitech develop native Android application enables to manage a great quantity of data.

Online catalogs, update order status, order management, integration with enterprise solutions on Tablet: iPad apps are born with the new means of communication and streamlining business flows.

With the new digital mobile devices, primarily the iPad, we have opened new scenarios in communication strategies that have as main objective the creation or strengthening of digital relationships.

Mobile applications are innovative tools for managing digital communication. The spread of smartphones and tablets increases the use of mobile applications: absolutely innovative and effective tools for companies wishing to communicate in an engaging and immediate with your target audience or your organization.

Compared to the more traditional tools, media such as iPad and Tablets, in general, are proving more and more strategic in the business world to manage commercial and promotional activities into new markets. In particular, applications are today among the most effective levers in the management of communication with your market.

In the first half of 2011 sales of tablet have quadrupled over the first half of last year, reaching nearly 400,000 units. (Source: Assinform 2011)

Many are the factors of success of applications for iPad and Tablet :

  • Interactivity and multimedia
  • Ability to manage look and feel with corporate brand and corporate assets
  • Completeness and update of information
  • Usable also without connection
  • Integration with enterprise DB
  • Exploiting potential given by geolocation
  • Configuration in real-time of documentation and business information
  • Updating data that provides cost and highly competitive updating procedures compared to traditional support.

Even the consultation of a catalog may evolve into a more direct and compelling visualization , supported by videos , photo galleries and interactive , which help to enrich and enhance the comparison with its customer. It’s possible to manage sales order during a meeting, organizing and updating in real time invoices , orders , customer profile, promotions , with a remote control of real stock availability.