SAP PI is a SAP solution

enables to integrate SAP system with company’s internal software and systems and those of external parties, EDI partner.

SAP PI (Process Integration), known as  PO (Process Orchestration) or earlier as  XI (eXchange Infrastructure) facilitates interaction for heterogeneous systems with the same “language”: XML script.

SAP PI includes all adapter for:

  • IDoc: native communication between two systems SAP (ECC, CRM, BW);
  •  File: NFS (file system), FTP, SFTP;
  • JDBC: database MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, AS400 DB2;
  • Web: HTTP, HTTPS, SOAP, SSL, AS2, web service calls.
Process integration

In SAP PI the data exchange processes are  interfaces. For each interface:

– Definition of a data source – where is the information that you want to process –  It’s defined in PI structure in XML and the necessary adapter enables to read the information.

– Definition of a recipients list: in face of an incoming message it is possible to produce simultaneously one or more messages (eg material master data distribution from SAP WMS, to customers and deposits).

– Definition of data sender mapping on the structure of the target system. XML mapping on XML is a powerful graphical tool enables to connect the sender / recipient with the possibility to transform the data.

The structure on XML provides another usability of components and an easy integration with new systems on existing interfaces.

Any data is lost: SAP PI includes an advanced monitoring system which maps out every communication step and if an error occurred, it enables to send real-time alert (email, sms).

SAP PI database saves every data when sender communication channel read them; in case of black out or connection failed, the message is saved as an error; when the problem is solved, you can process it.

Mapping tool is so flexible that enables to transform an IDoc standard SAP in every EDI trace adapting to every customer/supplier personalization. And so you have only one IDoc creation program on SAP ECC and SAP PI retrieves the customer specific mapping in order to transform and format the data.

Thanks to its configuration, there is an exact tuning of performances with the possibility to process simultaneously a lot of messages or to assign a priority code to sensitive business flow data.