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The right solution to manage the contents of your corporate sites and portals on SAP platforms

For years we have been the leader in Italy for solutions developed on SAP web and mobile platforms.

Mitech has always embraced the philosophy of making the companies owner and master of the implemented solutions.

For our customers we have studied a solution able to guarantee perfect harmony between IT department and COMMUNICATION or MARKETING.

EPWP provides a content update system that turns the MARKETING department completely independent in the management of the institutional portal or company portals.

At the same time, EPWP is structured on a solid and consolidated architecture, which relies on the structural validity of the SAP portals and makes the IT department master of creating developments and integrations aimed at the corporate digital transformation.

Fully integrated services

We can not limit our online presence to a simple showcase site, keeping up with the technology also means creating services and functionalities that support operativity and therefore perfectly integrated with the company, both to ERP and third-party systems.

EPWP is based on a solid structure that allows users to display the features that enterprise companies have built, in continuity with the solutions that IT managers have set up over time.

The “core” part of the system is developed on standard SAP technologies, it relies on SAP Portal solutions for the management of roles and users and is natively integrated with the internal ERP.

what is EPWP?

We have integrated an open source CMS within the SAP Portal, one of the most widespread in the world, to allow users to manage content in the easiest and fastest way possible. The training phase for those who generate the contents is really ridiculous, and allows a complete management of texts, video, images and documents within their portal without specific technical skills in HTML or CSS.

There are no limits to the user experience that you can give to those who visit your portal and each portal is structured in a completely responsive and appropriate to the most updated web standards.

Inviolable, structured and secure architecture

Unlike the more widespread CMS, EPWP is protected and secure because it is based on an architecture that protects it from attacks that exploit the vulnerabilities of open source systems to access sensitive data or even take control of the server on which the site is hosted.


  • New and unique

    There are no comparable platforms on the marketplace, we have created EPWP precisely to meet the specific needs of our customers and provide them with a solid architecture and a manageable and autonomous system.

  • Safety

    The EPWP architecture guarantees system invulnerability and correct exposure both outside and inside the company network.

  • Inviolability of services

    The portal serves as a window on the services displayed by the company, making the functionalities available, but ensuring maximum security on the transactions of the applications connected in real time with the central SAP information system.

  • Stability and technical performance

    Given the strength of the SAP Portal Platform, the infrastructure is scalable and able to respond to high qualitative and quantitative performances.

  • Approval flow

    You can create pages and save them in draft for the editorial approval flow. On the three environments it is possible to define different users and profiles to manage the editing of contents and transport between one environment and another.

  • Fully responsive

    All the portals that EPWP allows to manage respond to the latest web standards and allow the highest level of customization possible and to customize the user experience from both desktop and mobile.

Come funziona EPWP

EPWP is a NEW product made entirely by Mitech TESTED, SOLID and already used in different production environments, the front end is completely customizable and we have all the skills to support companies in the creative concept and layout definition phase.

This is our consolidated approach, able to quickly obtain the best aesthetic and functional result.

1. Analysis & Design

We define with the company without stylistic restrictions the best and most suitable user experience for the development of the company business

2. Develop

We develop the platform structure and the functionalities defined during the analysis phase

3. Activate

We activate the content management interface and define access roles and administration users

4. Support

We follow in detail the phase of testing and go live, we train administrators and we provide support for both development and for editing content

Content updating

The content update is self-contained by the company, the managers of the content management can modify the contents of the pages at any time (images or video texts) and publish news or documents independently

The new – perfect solution for those who have SAP but do not want to give up the User Experience

Companies are often forced to choose between technical functionality or beautiful and engaging interfaces. Today a company portal can not be separated from being usable, impactful and in tune with other company channels, integrated with internal systems and constantly updated.

EPWP meets all these needs, allows immediate and independent updates, allows full freedom in designing high-level graphic and stylistic results, and guarantees to display custom features as well as for the portals that we successfully develop for our customers for years.

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